Shana Tova 5784

To all our dear Jewish Friends

in Israel, Germany and all over the world!

Dear friends,

over the last year we have prayed again and again for peace in the world. 

We hoped – and still hope – that there will be a growing understanding that hatred, terror and wars only bring suffering, misery and death. No Future!

Unfortunately we were disappointed again. 

Dictators, autocrats and tyrants are still so addicted to power that the lives of innocent people have no meaning for them.

Nevertheless, we will not let up in continuing to promote understanding, trust and charity and to work and live for peace – as much and strong as we can.

We want to do this together, even in the new year that is given to us.

It is a sign of true friendship with which we can continually draw public attention to the importance of peace in our disturbed and torn world, when we stand together against evil in the world despite different problems.
Let us do everything together to ensure that hatred in the world does not find nourishment and that understanding and friendship are promoted.

As always, side by side! Forever!

God bless and protect you!

Warm greetings and best wishes to 

Rosh HaShana 5784 ! 

Shana Tova ! 

On behalf of the board and all the members of the Friendship Association

„Freundeskreis Beer Sheva e. V.“ in Wuppertal;


Arno Gerlach 


Fotos (AG): This week: The Israel team took part first time in the great event “INVICTUS GAMES” in Germany (Duesseldorf)